Closing Ceremony(July 22nd)



our closing ceremony for the first semester of the school year was today. Due to the corona virus, many things had to be done differently, but we managed to make it safely to the end of this semester. During today's closing ceremony, our representative students, student H from the 4th grade, student K from the 5th grade, and student Y from the 8th grade gave speeches reflecting on the first semester.





After the closing ceremony, in the afternoon, we held our drive fishing event, which had been postponed to today. All our students tried their best to catch the fish in the strong sunlight.


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Our Rice Harvest Day (July 21th)

For 4th period yesterday, all our students got together in the gym for a recreation activity. First, they competed in two unicycle races, the first being by age, and the second a team relay. After that, the students split up into two teams, red and white, and played a game of ultimate Frisbee. What a good game it was!





Yesterday's big activity was our rice harvesting event. After lunch, everyone got ready for the field work, and met up at our school's rice field. After receiving instruction on how to harvest the rice, the students split up into two groups, a group to cut the rice, and a group to collect and tie up the rice. After harvesting half of the rice, we took a break, and then the groups swapped roles. After all the rice was harvested, our students carried it to the school gym on wheel barrels. There, everyone lined up, and passed the bunches of rice up to the second floor, where we hung it to dry. After it dries completely, we will thresh it, in preparation for the mochi making event in December. We can't wait!




English Class(July 21st)

Yesterday the 3rd and 4th graders had their last weekly English class for the semester. For today's session, the middle school JTE came to take part in today's activities! To start us off, he played "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes," for us on the guitar, and the students sang along. Then after reviewing all the verbs they've learned so far, they learned a new one, 'want'. After that, the students played an interview game. Our students have learned so much this semester. Good job!

 昨日,小学3・4年生は1学期の最後の外国語の授業がありました。今回は中学のJTEに来て,授業に参加していただきました。まずJTEに「Head Shoulders Knees and Toes」をギターで弾いていただいて,児童は歌いました。そして今まで習った動詞を練習しました。練習してから,子どもたちは新しい動詞,「want」を学びました。それから,全部習ったことを使って,インタビューゲームをしました。小学3・4年生はこの1学期でたくさんのことを学びました。お疲れさまでした!

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For yesterday's drive fishing event, the day's school lunch was scheduled to be a bento lunch. Due to high waves however, the fishing event was canceled, but the bento lunch was held as planned. So today, the elementary school students and staff went to the Furitake observation point, and the middle school students and staff went to the island's preschool, and each group enjoyed today's very delicious bento lunch.


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Another Day, Another TV Conference Class (July 17th)

Today our middle school students had a TV conference class with the middle schoolers on Nakanoshima and Tairajima. The 7th graders gave speeches about their dream job. They gave descriptions of the jobs, interviews they had with people in those jobs, and the steps they need to take to make those dreams a reality. And each class of 8th graders gave a presentation about high school. One group talked about the different aspects they felt were important to look up about a high school, while another presented about a specific career path, and the high schools that offer classes in that field.




Today's TV conference meeting between all the schools was a great opportunity for the students to learn about their peers on different islands, as well as increase their knowledge about high school, and the different jobs that are available to them.



Today's lunch: milk, orange juice, a pumpkin cupcake, an iron rich salad, and spaghetti Napolitana


TV Conference (July 16th)



Our 2nd grader, during her second period class, had class with the 1st and 2nd graders on Nakanoshima and Tairajima. For today's session, each student introduced a book that they like. Our 2nd grader was able to present about her book impressively without looking at her script, as practiced. In addition, she gave many of her impressions about the presentations from the other islands. I would like to continue interacting with our fellow students on the other islands.




The 5th and 6th graders held a "BiblioBattle" book introduction activity with the 5th and 6th graders on Tairajima, Akusekijima, and Kodakarajima. The books that our two students introduced were "Bokura no Nanokakan Senso," and "Kaikishijuumenso." The book that was picked as the winner of the battle was "Bokura no Nanokakan Senso," which was introduced by our 6th grader who had practiced a lot at home. Since today's activity was a battle after all, our students really applied themselves, and came up with many different ideas for how to win. And their hard work paid off, as the students on the other islands praised them, making our students very happy. During today's session, all the students introduced many books, leaving us with a long list of books we want to finish over the summer break.




Today's lunch: milk, a snack mix, a refreshing salad, a raisin bread roll, and a pumpkin chowder.


A Musical Day (July 14th 2020)

Today our ALT visited the island's preschool, Kuchikko-en. Today's Eigo Asobi topic was numbers. After practicing the numbers 1-7, they played some games with the ALT. First, they played a clapping game, where the kids clapped as many times as the number that was called out. Then they played a ball tossing game, and practiced counting how many points they scored. Our preschoolers know their numbers very well now!



The middle school students have been practicing songs by the Beatles. Today was their first practice for "Hello, Goodbye." Compared to the previous two songs, "Yesterday," and "Let It Be," today's song was much easier for our students. The have come to sing very well.

 最近中学生はビートルズの歌を練習しています。今日は「Hello, Goodbye」を練習し始めました。この前の「Yesterday」と「Let it Be」という2つの曲と比べると今日の歌の方が生徒に簡単だと思います。みんなビートルズの歌をうまく歌えるようになってきていますね。



For their music class, the middle school students continued to listen to music from popular movies, and discussing their thoughts about them. Today's piece was the main theme from Terminator 2, by Brad Fiedel. After that, they practiced played the recorder.

 中学生は音楽の授業で有名な映画の曲を聞いて,前回に引き続き,感想について話し合いました。今回の曲は Brad Fiedelによって作られた「ターミネーター2」から「メインテーマ」という曲でした。そしてレコーダーの練習をしました。


Today's lunch: milk, fruit (fresh pineapple), fried fish, barley and rice, and Chinese soup

 今日の給食:ミルク,果物 (フレッシュパイン),揚げ魚の甘酢あん,麦ごはん,中華スープ


A Hot Monday(July 13th)

 小学3・4年生は外国語の授業で小文字の書き方を習うことを終わらせました。先週, a-nまで習って,今回はo-zでした。児童は大文字と小文字の書き方,そしてフォニックス発音を全部習ってきました。すごいです!その知識を使って,自分の名前や好きな物の書き方を練習しました。

For their English class, the 3rd and 4th graders finished learning how to write lower-case letters. Last week they learned a-n, so today was o-z. They have now learned how to write both upper, and lower-case letters, as well as the names, and the phonics pronunciation for every letter! Good job, guys! They put that knowledge to good use today, and practiced writing their names, as well as some of the things they like.

IMG_20200713_111825.jpg IMG_20200713_111821.jpg




For their 5th period, the students played volleyball for their P.E. class. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders played with a beach ball, and the rest of the students played with soft volleyballs. The lower grade students played a small game after playing around with the ball. The upper grade elementary school students and the middle school students learned while practicing different ways of serving and receiving the ball, and then played a small game.

We changed the rules a little bit from regular volleyball, and it was little by little, but our students were able to keep a volley going today.

S0054531.JPG S0044529.JPG

S0364580.JPG S0344576.JPG


Today's lunch: milk, a seaweed fry, mayo fried mackerel, barley and rice, clear soup




Long Distance Swimming &Canoeing Event(July 10th)



Today, in the afternoon, we had our much-anticipated long-distance swimming, and canoe racing event. Originally, it was scheduled for yesterday, but due to bad weather, it was held today instead.

Starting off the event, we had our canoe sprints, which were split into three races. You could really see how their practice paid off, as they were able to row their canoes really well today.

Next was the team relay. Our students were split into two teams: the red team and the white team. Both teams had their game faces on as they enthusiastically rowed their canoes, and cheered for their team mates.

The last event of the day was the long-distance swim. Some students swam the whole distance without a life vest, others with the vest, but no snorkel. Despite it being a very long distance, all our students swam to the very end.

All our students trained really hard for this day. Even our students who were worried about swimming in the deep waters of the ocean were able to swim really well. The emotions that come with this sort of event, the happiness, the frustration, the sense of accomplishment, help our students grow very much. Next up is our fish driving event. Our students, and of course our staff is very excited for this one!





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Let Our Wishes Come True


Due to the strong rain and winds we were getting on July 7th, the internet service at our school was down, and we were not able to post to our blog. But the weather has since calmed down, and our internet service has been restored. Here is the post from July 7th 2020. Enjoy!


July 7th was the Star Festival. The elementary school students and staff adorned a bamboo shoot with decorations, and wishes written on small pieces of paper. "I wish to be able to turn well on a unicycle." "I wish to be able to do triple unders with a jump rope." These are some of the wishes from our six students. For the decorations, we used origami, and it turned out really well. Our beautifully decorated bamboo shoot is now sitting at the entrance of the elementary school.





The middle schoolers have been listening to famous music from famous films, and reflected on what the pieces made them feel in their music class. For this session, they listened to three musical compositions by Williams: the main theme of Jaws, a piece from the movie E.T. and the main theme from Star Wars. The students seemed to enjoy the music from John William. Some of the students have never seen E.T., and listening to the music made them more interested in the film. They also reviewed some dynamic markings during the class as well. Our students are getting to know music very well!




July 7th's Lunch (Star Festival menu): milk, a Star Festival jelly snack, green beans, sesame oil fried Spanish Mackerel, Chirashi Zushi, and a Star Festival somen soup

The Studious Students of Kuchinoshima (July 7th)



Since our 5th and 6th grade teacher, Mr. H, went up to the mainland, today we were down one homeroom teacher. But as you can expect, our 5th and 6th graders were on their best behavior. For their second period Japanese class, and their third period math class, they knew exactly what to do, and while they tackled the work left for them, they even became the audience for our 2nd grader's school work.

It was a change of pace for 2nd grader, student H as well, to have a class where she was watched by other students, but she was able to happily participate in the class.

IMG_0854.jpg IMG_0853.jpg

 今日児童生徒は英語をたくさん使いました。まず中学2年生はいろいろな誘う表現を復習して,お互いに英会話でその表現を練習しました。「Shall we ~?」や「I'm sorry, but I can't. I ~. 」などの表現を練習してから,生徒はお互いに誘ったり,断ったりする会話ができるようになりました。そして小学3・4年生は外国語の授業で小文字の練習を始めました。書きながら,文字のフォニックス発音も復習しました。そして「What food do you like?」という質問を使って,ラッキーカードゲームを楽しみました。みんなよくできました。

Our students used a lot of English today. The 8th graders reviewed ways of inviting in English, and used them in conversations with each other. After practicing the phrases like, "Shall we ~?" and "I'm sorry, but I can't. I ~." they invited each other to things, and declined those invitations. Our 3rd and 4th graders learned the lower-case versions for A-N today. They also reviewed the phonetic pronunciation for the letters. Then they practiced today's question, "What food do you eat?" by playing a lucky card game. Good job everyone!

中学1.jpg 中学2.jpg


 7月3日に5・6年生はTV会議で平島と外国語の授業を行いました。今回は1学期に学習した英語を使って,互いに自己紹介をしました。英語で書いた時の名前のスペルや誕生日,好きな物(教科)など,1学期だけでもたくさんの表現を学習しましたが,それらをうまく使いながら,どちらの島の児童も自己紹介ができていたと思います。また,"What ~ do you like?" など,互いに質問もし合って,たくさんのことを知ることができました。子どもたちからは「好きなものが同じ人がいて,おもしろかった」や「修学旅行の前にお互いのことを知れて良かった」といった感想もあり,今回の授業で交流できたことが楽しかったようです。

On July 3rd, the 5th and 6th graders had English class with Tairajima through TV conference. For this session they introduced themselves using the English they've learned. They have learned many expressions in the first semester, such as spelling their names, saying their birthdays, and their favourite things and subjects. Also, the students asked each other, "What ~ do you like?" and were able to know many things. Some impressions were: "It was interesting that there were students who liked the same things." "I'm glad we learned about each other before the school trip." The students seemed to have enjoyed the interactions of the class.


The Importance of Nutrition (July 2nd, 2020)

Today the nutrition teacher, Ms. O, taught the junior high school students about healthy eating, as well as conducted a cooking class for the students to get a hands-on lesson about making healthy snacks. First, Ms. O gave a lecture about nutrition and snacking. She emphasized the importance of healthy eating, especially for the junior high school students who are still growing. She also taught them about the difference between empty calories, and good calories by showing them amounts of sugar and oil that are in snacks like soda and chips. Then she warned them about the diseases that come from eating too much sugar. Ms. O left them with three important things to bear in mind when it comes to snacking: the amount, when to eat them, and making healthy combinations.





For the cooking portion of the lesson, the junior high school studentsattempted to cook a milk based mochi, and a dried sardine rice cracker. The students were split into two groups, and each group attempted to make each dish. They seemed to have a lot of fun learning how to make the healthy snacks. "Cooking is really cool." "It smells really good." In the end, both teams were able to make both dishes successfully, and lastly enjoyed the healthy snacks that they made themselves.



Today's lunch: milk, fruit, a seaweed salad, milk bread roll, and a squash meat sauce soup



Let's learn about Foods(July 1st)


Today our school's nutrition teacher, Ms. O, gave two lectures on food to the elementary school students, one to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders, and the second to the 5th and 6th graders.The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders learned about balanced meals. They compared a school lunch to a rice ball, and thought about the differences. Then Ms. O taught us about how she takes into consideration nutritional balance as she decides our school lunch menu.After the lectures, as thought they had a change of heart, the students who would struggle with the fish dishes, and always to asked for a smaller portion, ate everything that they were served today without issue. Wow!We hope that our students apply what they learned today to their school life, as well as their personal life from now on.















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