A Good Day for Swimming(June 29th)

Today the 3rd and 4th graders had their weekly English class. For today's lesson, they expanded on last week's target question, "What color do you like?" by changing out the noun after 'what,' and the verb at the end. After practicing today's target question, and today's new vocabulary, the students played two games. One was a card collection game, the other a round of sports bingo. Good job today!

 今日小学3・4年生は外国語の授業がありました。今回はこの間の「What color do you like?」という質問を伸ばして,「What」のあとにくる名詞と最後のところにある動詞を変えました。今日の重要構文と単語を練習してから,児童は2つのゲームをしました。1つ目はガードあつめゲームで,2つ目はスポーツのビンゴでした。みなよくできました。

2.jpg 1.jpg

Today we had another swimming and canoe class during 5th and 6th period. But, since it was very rainy this morning, we were not sure if we were going to be able to go according to plan. Luckily, the rain stopped in the afternoon, and we were able to swim in the sea as planned. For their swimming portion, our students practiced swimming long distance. And for the canoe portion, they raced against each other, working on their speed. Despite the gloomy weather, everyone had a good time swimming.



Today's lunch: milk, veggie and nuts salad, twice cooked pork, barley and rice, and egg soup



Mr.H of junior highschool drew the letter HELLO when weeding.



Birthday Presents(June 26th)




Today was the first rainy day of the week. And the trend seems like it will continue into the weekend as well. During their second period today, our 2nd grader went to our island's preschool. They had made a birthday present during their arts and crafts class for one of the kids there, preschooler Y, and gave it to them today. After that, our 2nd grader, and the preschoolers studied arts and crafts together, and they made origami rhinoceros beetles. For our 2nd grader, and the preschoolers, it was a change of pace, but they enjoyed making crafts together. Thank you Kuchikko-en for having us today. We hope to visit again soon!




Today's lunch: milk, an ice cream filled éclair, namul, a rice ball, and Nagasaki udon



Open Class(June 25th)


Today during 5th period, we had our first open class of the year. In our elementary school, the second graders had Japanese; the 3rd and 4th graders had science; and the 5th and 6th graders had moral education. And in our junior high school, the 7th graders had English; and the 8th graders had math. The atmosphere of the classes was different than normal, but our students were able to show the visiting parents their usual studiousness.








Today's lunch: milk, fry-simmered skipjack tuna with soybeans, a veggie sauté, barley and rice, and a tofu soup


A Sunny Wednesday(June 24th)

Today was a partly cloudy warm day. Our students practiced riding unicycles for their morning exercise. Some of them were practicing riding backwards on a unicycle, and made good progress today! Our students are very talented kids indeed!


1.jpg 2.jpg

Our ALT visited the island's preschool today for another Eigo Asobi class! Continuing the theme of colours, the preschoolers practiced saying the names of the colours in English. After that, they played three games using the colours white and black: a colour hunt game, a card flipping game, and Othello. The kids were able to find all the items for the hunt game, had a blast flipping cards over to their team's colour in the card flip game, and beat our ALT in a game of Othello! The kids seemed to have really enjoyed the lesson!


6.jpg 5.jpg

Today's lunch: milk, an apple jelly, stir fried wakame, barley and rice, and a dried daikon stew.

 今日の給食:ミルク,りんごゼリー,わかめ炒め,麦ごはん,干し大根 の煮物


English Class(June 23rd)

The 3rd and 4th graders had their weekly English class. Last week they learned how to express their likes, as well as how to ask someone if they like a specific color. Expanding on that, today they learned how to ask 'What color do you like?' After practicing the pronunciation with our ALT, the students began interviewing each other about the colors they like. After that, the students played a game of color bingo. They really enjoyed today's lesson. Our students have done a great job both listening for, and using the English phrases they have learned in these lessons. Good job guys!

 3・4年生は外国語の授業がありました。先週の授業では好きな色を表す「I like ~.」と特定の色が好きかどうかのたずね方「Do you like ~?」を学びました。それを伸ばして,今日子供たちは「What color do you like?」という質問を学び始めました。ALTと一緒に発音を練習してから,児童はお互いにインタビューしあいました。それから,色ビンゴをしました。今回のレッスンも盛り上がりました!児童はこの単元で学んだ英語を使ったり,聞き取ったりすることができてきました。

(0622) 2.jpg (0622) 1.jpg





Today's lunch: milk, fresh pineapple, a macaroni sauté, raisin bread, and a pork hash stew

0623 Lunch.jpg

Traffic Safety Class(June 22nd)






Today during second and third period, our school held two road traffic safety classes. For the second period session, the preschool students, and the 3rd and 4th graders, along with a doll, learned traffic safety rules, and how to deal with the situation of a stranger approaching them.For the third period session, the 5th and 6th graders, and the junior high school students, in addition to the traffic and stranger danger lesson, were taught how to inspect and maintain a bicycle.After the second period session was over, our students gave their impressions of the lesson. Our 2nd grader, student H reacted, "I was surprised to see the doll talked." One of our 4th graders, student M mention, "I have more interest in police officers than before."Kuchinoshima has few streets, but the roads are narrow, and there are many places where accidents can occur. So, let's use the knowledge we gained today, and try our best to avoid traffic accidents. Thank you for today.



DSCF4053.JPG IMG_20200622_094732.jpg

1592807828660.jpg 1592807823385.jpg


Today's lunch: milk, hijiki salad, kimchi and pickled daikon fried rice, and a veggie miso soup


Swimming Class (June 18th)



We had our first time swimming class last Saturday. First, the students announced their goals for the class. After that we divided into three groups ;the two swimming groups and a canoe group. It was a good start thanks to the good weather. From now on we would like to prepare for the long distance swimming and canoeing event.

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13.JPG 12.JPG


Today was another rainy day. Instead of the scheduled run, our students practiced jumping rope in the gym. Our students have become really good at jumping rope, and it is very impressive to watch them perform many different jump rope tricks. It was really inspiring, and makes you want to pick up a jump rope, and try them out yourself!


IMG_20200616_082134.jpg IMG_20200616_075243.jpg

Today's lunch: milk, salty miso chicken, a Chinese salad, barley rice, and an egg soup



For their 5th period class, the elementary school students participated in a research class.


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IMG_7697.jpg IMG_7693.jpg

IMG_7663.jpg IMG_7691.jpg

Clouds, Stilts, and Colors (June 15th, 2020)

Today was a humid and cloudy day. For their morning exercise, our students practiced walking on stilts. After their practice, they tended to their respective flower beds, and then enjoyed their morning reading time.



"Do you like green?" "Yes, I do!" The elementary 3rd and 4th graders had their weekly English class today. For this lesson, they learned the names of colors, and how to express their likes and dislikes in English. First the students practiced the names of the colors, and then played a color hunt game! Then the students learned the phrases "I like~." and "I don't like~." Following that, our students colored in their own rainbows, and presented the colors they like. After their presentations, the students tackled the question form "Do you like~?" Then they played a lucky card game that used all the phrases they learned. Today our students really impressed us with their English listening and pronunciation skills. Good job guys!

「Do you like green?」「Yes, I do!」小学3・4年生は外国語の授業がありました。今回のテーマは英語の色の言い方と好きな色と好きではない色の表し方を勉強しました。まず児童は英語の色の言い方を練習して,そしてカラーハントというゲームをしました。それから「I like~.」と「I don't like~.」という表現を学んでから,自分の好きな色を使って,にじを完成させて,好きな色をクラスの前で発表しました。次は「Do you like~?」に取り組みました。練習してから,今回学んだ表現の使ったラッキーカードゲームを楽しみました。今日, 児童は英語の聞き取りと発音において,本当に私たちを感動させました。 よくできました。


Today's lunch: natto, purple sweet potato chips, milk, a pickled cucumber and seaweed salad, rice with barley, and a veggie stew.



A Fortunate Finish for our Flower Planting(June12th)

Today we were scheduled to have our flower planting event. But the morning brought heavy rains, and strong winds, making everyone question whether or not we would be able to go outside, and plant our flowers. Luckily, the rain stopped, and the winds calmed right in time to allow us to prepare for it, and our flower planting was a big success. Thank you everyone for your help!


0612 1.jpg

0612 2.jpg 0612 3.jpg

P6120700.JPG P6120697.JPG

P6120702.JPG P6120704.JPG

The junior high school students helped the teachers prepare for today's event. Thank you!


IMG_20200612_100838.jpg IMG_20200612_101427.jpg

IMG_20200612_103121.jpg IMG_20200612_103243.jpg

Even the Kuchikko-en preschoolers and staff made an appearance, and planted a few flowers with us! Nice!


P6120710.JPG P6120707.JPG

Today's lunch: milk, orange juice, candied sardines and nuts, spaghetti in tomato sauce, and a Julienne soup



Special Gifts(June 11th)



Mr.O sent snacks to our students and the two children in Kuchikko-en. He taught at our school until last year. When he left this island his son told us that he would come back to Kuchinoshima again with his family. It was very impressive to us. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the O family again. Thank you!

0611 1.jpg 0611 2.jpg

0611 3.jpg 0611 4.jpg


Today's lunch : milk, sesame fried harusame noodles, kinako fried bread, bok choy soup

0611 5.jpg

A Cloudy Wednesday (June 10th, 2020)

For today's morning exercise, our students practiced riding their unicycles. Thanks to these weekly practices, our students have become very proficient at riding them. After their exercise, the students attended the split school assemblies. For the middle school assembly, two of our students gave very interesting speeches about their home prefectures. It was a good opportunity for them to introduce fun facts about the place they are from. After their speeches, the vice principle gave a talk to the students about the importance of one's attitude in different situations. It was a very good lesson to pass on to the students.



In their English class, the second-grade middle schoolers have been learning how to express obligation in English. Today, after asking each other, and our ALT, 'What do you have to do tonight?' our students presented their sentences to the class. They were able to say the sentences clearly, as well as present everyone's answers correctly. Good job, guys!

中学2年生は最近英語の授業で義務の表し方を習っています。今日生徒は「What do you have to do tonight?」をお互いにたずねてみてから,相手のしなければならないことについて発表しました。生徒ははっきり文を言ったり,正しい情報を発表したりしました。みんなよくできました。


Today's lunch: milk, fruit, soy sauce and mirin fried mackerel with sautéed burdock root, rice, and soy milk miso soup.



For their art class, our middle school students were working hard to finish up their sketch day art pieces. They all picked out really good scenes from around the island, and have done a good job recreating it with watercolor paints.




The Winds and Rains Continue (June 9th, 2020)

Today was another gloomy day, one that brough strong winds, and periodic rain. For today's morning exercise, the students were scheduled for a run, but the rain moved us inside the gym, where the students practiced jump roping instead. After the morning workout, the students broke up into their respective committees for their weekly meetings.



Today's lunch: milk, bean salad, mayo and cheese fried fish, buttered rice, and a minestrone soup.



"Be quiet." "Be careful." "Play soccer." The level 1 English middle school students learned how to make imperative sentences today in class. After learning the basic structure of these subject-less sentences, they worked through some practice sentences, then practiced saying them out loud together. After working with imperative sentences, they began learning about the third be-verb, 'is.' After mastering these two topics, they will be able to say many things! We are excited to see that growth!

「Be quiet.」「Be careful.」「Play soccer.」中学1年生は英語の授業で命令文に取り組みました。命令文の形を学んでから,練習問題に挑戦して,そして大きい声で発音の練習をしました。それから3つ目のbe動詞の「is」について学び始めました。この二つの文法をマスタしたあと,英語でたくさんのことを言えるようになるでしょう。私たちはその成長が見れることを楽しみにしています。


風の強い1日 A Windy Day(6月8日)

After a sunny Sunday, today was very windy, cloudy day. But the wind and gloom could not stop our students from practicing their walking on stilts skills. Thanks to these weekly practices, our students can walk on them really well.


0608 0.jpg

For their English class, the 3rd and 4th graders continued their alphabet practice today. They reviewed the pronunciations for the letters A though N, and they were able to recall them really well! After the review was finished, it was time for the students to tackle the pronunciations, as well as how to write the remaining letters. And they knocked it out of the park! Our students were able to write really neat letters, as well as say the phonics pronunciation really well. Good job guys!


0608 9.jpg


The first year middle school student conducted a science experiment.

They used gases like oxygen and hydrogen and studied their properties.


0608 1.jpg

0608 2.jpg

Today's lunch: milk, veggie salad, seaweed soup, and chicken Doria


0608 10.jpg

A Short Break from the Rain (June 5th, 2020)

Today started off sunny, giving us a short break from the rainy weather. The students played dodge ball for their morning activity. They all seemed to have a good time trying to get the other team out while dodging the shots from the other team.




During the first grade English class, the students presented their self-introductions. It was a great display of all the grammar they have been learning so far. Not only were their pronunciations on point, they also made good eye contact with the audience. Good job, today!



Today's lunch: milk, a fruit pudding cup, fried fish with fish cake and veggies, a rice ball, and seaweed udon






0603 0.jpg


0603 5.jpg

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0603 1.jpg


0603 4.jpg


The First of June (June 1st, 2020)

The first day of June started off with partly cloudy weather, coming out of a stormy weekend. Despite the cloudiness, however, it was a hot day. For their morning activity, the students practiced walking on stilts. Most of our students are very good at walking on stilts, and today the students learning how to use them made great strides! After the stilts practice, the students tended to their flowers, and helped take out our sprouts to allow them to get more sun.





Our 3rd and 4th grade elementary school students had their weekly English class today. Along with practicing the alphabet pronunciation, today the students also learned how to write upper case letters, as well as the phonics pronunciations for the letters A through M. They did really well repeating both the alphabet and phonics pronunciation, and were able to write really neat letters. Good job guys!




Today's lunch: milk, a fruit salad, a French salad, and curry and rice









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