The Rain Can't Stop Us!

Today starts off the third week of May. The weather was gloomy, much like the weekend had been. But despite the gloom, our students began the day strong, with an 8-minute morning jog. After the run, the students tended to their flower areas. By noon, it had begun to rain. Luckily, it only rained for a short time.



During their English class, the 8th graders practiced their writing skills. Since we weren't able to leave the island during Golden Week, the students wrote about their spring vacations. After spending some time on their compositions, they presented their writings to the class. Good job guys!



For 3rd period, our ALT came to the 3rd and 4th grade elementary school class for their weekly English lesson. Today's topic was the weather. After reviewing the words relating to the weather, it was time for some listening practice. The students were able to pick up the English words well. Good job everyone! After the listening practice, it was time for a game! Today's game was a weather gesture game. And it was a big hit! They practiced asking about the weather, and how to reply many times, and had fun doing it! Nice!


After recess, all the students had their all-grade P.E. class. For today's session, the students worked on their fundamental movement skills. To practice these skills, the students skipped, jumped, and ran from one side of the gym to the other. After this, they practiced their jumping rhythms using small hurdles.





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