Horizontal Bar Exercises, Colours, and More! (Thursday, May 21st)


Yesterday was another cloudy, but warm day. For their morning activity, the students practiced horizontal bar exercises. Some of our students were practicing back hip circles, while others were practicing front knee spins. During this practice, one of our students was able to do their first back hip circle! Good job! Another one of our students was able to do five front knee flips. Wow!


昨日も,曇りで暖かい一日でした。朝活動に児童生徒は鉄棒の運動を練習しました。後方支持回転を練習していた児童生徒がいれば,前方ひざかけ回転を練習していた児童生徒もいました。当日の練習で生徒のうちに一人は初めての後方支持回転できました。Good job! 他の生徒は前方ひざかけ回転 を5回連続でできました。Wow!

Yesterday our ALT paid a visit to the island's preschool. Due to the corona virus, last month's visit was canceled, so this visit had been long awaited. It began with some dancing. Everyone danced the shrimp-crab dance. After that the students practiced the English names for some colours. The preschoolers were able to say the names really well. After practicing, it was game time! This visit's game line-up was a colour hunting game, followed by a memorization game, then a colour musical chair game. All the kids really enjoyed the games. After game time was over, it was time for our ALT to return to the school. All the preschoolers were able to say and recognize the colour names well! Good job everyone!


5.jpgYesterday's lunch: A bread roll with maple jam, small dried sardines with almonds, a Spanish omelet, and a spring veggie potage, and milk.

昨日の給食: メープルジャム・かみかみナッツ・スペイン風オムレツ・春野菜のポタージュ・コッペパン ・ミルク



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