An Eventful Saturday!

This past weekend on Saturday, all the schools in Toshima Village gathered around their TV conference systems for the monthly meeting between all the schools. For this month's meeting, it was our school who was in charge of the activity for the session. Instead of the usual recreation, our school showcased two videos taken during last year's culture festival: one of our brass band, and one of the students performing Eisa. Our students were very happy to show the other schools what they had been practicing all year long, and even more happy after hearing the great comments from the other schools. Thank you for watching our presentations!



After the school TV conference was over, it was time to start the sketching event! Our students, after finding interesting and dynamic scenes, began tackling the task of drawing them out. Our middle school students all chose really scenes, and made very good progress in the time they had today. They were all able to map out their drawings really well, and fill in many of the details. We are all excited to see the end result! Good job everyone!





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